Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Moral Compass: Guide to the Decision Making of Mankind.

            My moral compass is broken down into four parts, or headings, North, South, East, and West. All the points carry me on my path through life. The compass contains the guidelines that I try to live my life by every day.
North: Ever since I can remember my father has been telling me to never let anyone tell me I cannot do something. Today, I have taken what he has said and I use it as my motivation in life. This advice has led me to try many new things, and I have learned that you cannot hope to succeed, or fail spectacularly until you have tried. I think this direction will allow me to try many, many more new positive things in my life.
South: Another thing my father used to tell me when I was a boy, and still does today, was to judge people by the their character, not by the color of their skin. As a soon to be adult, I try to treat everyone I meet as my equal. I want to be able to make positive connections with people so that I build solid relationships with my friends. This gives me peace at mind knowing I will have friends to call on in the future. Every day I strive to treat people with respect so that I in turn can receive the respect I deserve.
West: The best advice that I would tell someone to live their life by would be to be honest in life. I know firsthand the kind of positive effects that being honest can have. They can get you out of the most potent of situations. At times dishonesty can seem like a more approachable path, but the end is never visible; a lie has the potential to turn into anything. When I reflect on the struggles that I have been through I find it comforting to know that the truth and nothing but the truth came from my mouth.
East: My last point, but by no means the least important, is to stand up for myself and others. I live my life by the truth that if you want people to help you then you have to help them. I think this is the moral that the whole world relies on to continue functioning properly. If the majority of the world did not live by this rule then our humanity would be stained with the evilness of selfish desires. In standing up for others I pray that others will stand with me when I need them too.
            To me my compass is a guide for the everyday, and a manual to get me through points of crisis in my life. I have learned that when I do not follow it every day I find myself in more times of crisis that I care to be in. Though, I admit, there are some situations where my compass never falls into play.


  1. Hey Tuck, good blog post buddy. All four of your compass points are valid points and qualities to be had. All of the qualities are ones that can help you be the best person you can be while progressing through life. Anyone who has these four qualities will surely make it somewhere. >:D

  2. Great post Tuck. These are all qualities that make for success. The one I can most relate to is to stand up for yourself and others. If you are there for someone else in need, then they will be sure to follow in your footsteps waiting to help you:)

  3. I like the points you make about your compass also the fact that you said your father has told you these points and has taught you these since you were young. That kind of ties in with the discussion of where you learn your morals and how it mostly from your surroundings , for example what your parents have taught you. Do you agree with that?

  4. I like how your compass has each it's own separate direction and how it isn't about specific traits. It's greatly composed of how others helped shaped your compass to make you who you are.

  5. Tucker, Your post was wonderful. At first I was a little confused because unlike everyone else you didn't point out specific things that stand out in your life, like friends, or love or family. I like how you took a broad and almost abstract aproach to this weeks assignment. Again, great job =]